Plantation Shutters Sunshine Coast

Does anything compare to the look and feel of Plantation Shutters? As a window, and door treatment, they evoke a feeling of elegance and refinement. Our Plantation Shutters are designed and manufactured to be durable, strong and yet are also sustainable. Looking for a specific design style, you can choose from a range of materials, in painted and stained finishes, which will complement any colour palette and décor. BOK Security and Shutters can even match your Plantation Shutters to a wide range of Dulux colours. Our Planation Shutters are easy to operate with your choice of open-close mechanism: either the traditional tilt rods (with either centre or offset positions) or clear view also known as easy tilt (internal geared tilted mechanisms).

There are 3 different blade sizes to choose from – 64mm, 89mm or 114mm, to suit a diverse range of window shapes and sizes. With 26 standard paint and stained colours to choose from, our Plantation Shutters are bound to fit seamlessly in any space of your home. Not to mention, BOK Security and Shutters can also offer an upgrade to have them painted in any of the Dulux colours.

Choose your Style

Highprofile Classic Timber Shutters are an interior designer’s number one choice for a timeless window treatment. Our Classic Shutters are constructed from 100% real timber. Our shutters represent perfection when it comes to plantation shutter design, years of development have resulted in a range of shutters with a flawless finish, engineered strength, and an enduring appeal.
Highprofile Elements is a pioneering hybrid shutter, they cleverly merge a 100% poplar timber frame with PVC blades, resulting in a shutter designed to be lightweight and reduce sag, while still retaining the classic plantation shutter look and feel. Our Highprofile Elements shutters are an affordable option, with the same look and feel. If you have larger windows, our timber frame allows for wider panels compared to that of 100% PVC shutter.
Highprofile Poly are our most affordable plantation shutter, they are made entirely of PVC. Made to be Ultra-durable, they are available in a range of popular painted colours. Our Highprofile Poly are a stylish yet affordable solution for those seeking the look and feel of shutters over soft window furnishing treatments.

Warranty Details

Plantation Shutters come with an impressive 25-year structural warranty and a 5-year paint warranty.
All soft furnishings come with a standard 5-year warranty. This is for defects and or failure of the components.