Veri Shades Sunshine Coast

Innovatively combining the sophisticated elegance, soft styling, and feel of curtains with the versatility of blinds, Veri Shades are a new revolution in window treatments. Offering a unique feel to any room of your home, Veri Shades can provide the versatility of a sheer blind and the privacy of a curtain transitioning from translucent to opaque with a simple turn of a wand, creating the perfect control over light and privacy.

Style meets Innovation

The unique patented Veri Shades design is made from a delicate, yet still durable fabric which hangs luxuriously like curtains. With no weights or chains, you can walk through freely anywhere, whether they are open for closed. Veri Shades are perfect for creating a soft feature across large openings, as they can span up to 6m. The supple folds operate like blinds to provide superior control over privacy, light filtration, and airflow. Veri Shades offer the ultimate in versatility, functionality and durability. These window treatments are low maintenance and offer chic classy styling, making them perfect for any home or office environment.