Stainless Steel Doors Sunshine Coast

Our premium range of Secureview Stainless Steel security doors and screens offer an unparalleled combination of security and clarity of vision. Constructed from aluminium frame and marine grade 316 stainless-steel mesh combined with a unique wedge method, BOK Security and Shutters Stainless Steel security doors and screens will defy even the most determined intruder. The corrosion resistant properties of aluminium and stainless steel, ensures our doors and screens are durable, long lasting, low maintenance and easy to clean.

SecureView security screens surpass additional testing to achieve:

Aluminium Frame Tests (AS/NZS1866:1997 & AS3715 – 2002) 60603 T5 powder-coated to a minimum thickness of 60um

10,000 Hour Salt Spray Tests (AAMA2605-05 Section 7.8.2)

Stainless Mesh Tests (AS3175-2002, AAMA2603-05, AAMA2605-05, AS2331/ISO2360, ASTM D2794, AS3715, ISO1519, JIS Z2241, ASTM E1086)

Bush Fire Protection AS3959-2009 satisfying the requirements for bushfire attack level (BAL) 12.5,19,29,40.

Fire Attenuation Test Tested in general accordance with Australian Standard AS1530.4-2005, Appendix B7 achieving a 45.6% reduction in radiant heat flux between the inside and outside of the product when exposed to the incident radiant heat.

Cyclone Screen Test Australian Standard 2010:AS/NZS1170.2, Category 3 resisting a 4kg, 100mm x 50mm timber travelling at 30 metres per second (108kph) surpassing the standard test of 15 metres per second.

Warranty Details

Stainless Steel Doors and Screens come with an 11-year warranty.